Thursday, 10 May 2012

Light up @ the Lismore Lantern Parade

The lantern is an affirmative metaphor that brings optimism, hope, cheerfulness along with brightness to people around the globe. The lantern is a very significant part of various countries around the globe, such as the red lantern for China. The lantern is often the centrepiece of celebrations as lanterns and fires are deeply rooted in many cultures of Countries such as Japan, China, Vietnam, Europe & Africa.
So why would there be a Lismore Lantern Parade ? How did it come into existence & what is it? This captivating parade of lights offers a multicultural theme from around the world, and makes this a great event for couples & families looking for something different.
The Limore community gardens host this event that not only celebrates lantern but also local nature, art and the community. One of the best ways to experience the festival is by staying in Byron Bay and taking the short drive to Lismore to join the host of other visitors from around the region, State and around the world who are keen to experience the 2012 Lismore Lantern Parade during the weekend of Saturday June 23.
This Lantern festival will include a spectacular parade, full of arts, fire art, crafts, regional Northern Rivers cuisine, parade bands, music, carnival dancers, street theatre, illuminated puppets, and artistic pyrotechnics, sure to entertain all that attend.
It’s the number one celebration for Lismore that gathers together numerous community groups, school kids and local artists from throughout the Northern Rivers who join together to ensure an outstanding parade of light sculptures through the city centre. Don’t miss the parade of attractive and colourful, shapes and figures. The festival will also feature market stalls, crafts for the kids, delicious food and local stage shows.
So, don’t miss the chance to be the part of something different in a nearby town, all while enjoying all that Byron Bay has to offer as well.
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