Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Be Part Of Sarah Key’s ‘Talks Back’ series in Byron Bay

"Byron Bay is the perfect community to launch my Australian ‘Talks Back’ series. I am very excited to meet you all on the 14th and 15th", expressed delighted Sarah Key.
The internationally acclaimed master physiotherapist to HRH the Prince of Wales and the British Royal Family for past more than 30 years, Sarah Key will be conducting her Australian debut lecture and workshop series of 'Sarah Key Talks Back' at Byron Bay on Monday 14 May and Tuesday 15 May, 2012.
This lecture and workshop series will include a 90 minute lecture with power point presentation and personalised 3 hour workshop titled 'This is How' to take place in the Byron Bay Community centre. The lecture and workshop 'Sarah Key Talks Back' will outline her ideas & methods of alleviating back pain & other back related problems to the participants.
This informative event will will outline her ‘5 stages of spinal breakdown’, that include, stiff spinal segment, facet joint arthropathy, acute locked back, prolapsed intervertebral disc and unstable spinal segment.
The workshop will cover the topics such as:
  • How to Deal with a Spine in Crisis -- with spinal appeasing exercises
  • Mobilising Your own Lumbar Spine -- hands on
  • Proactive Spinal Decompression -- using the Back-Block under both, the lumbar and thoracic spine
  • Why Bending is Magic for Spines?
  • The Importance of Sitting Properly
The workshop, which is limited only to 25 participants and will involve particpanst be offered pillows and a yoga matt so that they be sure to enjoy a profound understanding of the issues being discussed and demonstrated during the course of this extraordinary workshop. Although strictly limited there maybe the possibility for more workshops to be conducted, however don’t take that risk.
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  1. Why to workshop is limited to only 25 participants?