Monday, 30 April 2012

See Ralph McTell at the Byron Community Centre

Australia is going to have a last chance to see the iconic Guitarist, Ralph McTell performing live in where else, but the music capital of Australia, Byron Bay. This award winning singer and songwriter is on his final Australian wide tour, and on May 6th, 2012 he will be mesmerising fans in Byron Bay.

The Ralph McTell concert will feature material from just released album ‘Somewhere Down The Road’ that includes the hit song ‘Don't Think Twice It's Alright’, which is the tribute to Bob Dylan. The singer will also treat his fans to many of his extensive back catalogue of around 350 songs, and would likely include his award winning hit ‘Streets of London’.

So, what you are waiting for? Book your tickets this Byron Bay event to enjoy the amazing Ralph McTell, in the best beach side location in Australia, Byron Bay. Of course music is not the only reason to come to Byron Bay, but if you missed out on Byron Blues Fest and Slpendour in the Grass music festival this would be one way of making up for that. So combine witnessing an amazing artist with the best that Byron Bay has to offer and extend you stay for several day.

In order for you to do this you need an experience real Byron Bay place to stay, so in that case make sure that you check out Byron Beach Resort! Staying with us means you’ll enjoy 100% Real Byron and the classical Ralph McTell live. Do not miss the chance to enjoy this memorable live jig, while enjoying the beautiful beaches, cafĂ© and environment of Byron Bay. Byron Beach Resort has a range of accommodation for everyone and every budget. Dorm rooms start from only $33, and we have an range of options including family cottages and groups rooms as well. So, don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy Ralph McTell’s final farewell Australia tour, but stay a few days and perhaps also enjoy some sea kayaking, fishing, surfing or just chilling out in Byron Bay and where else to do it – Byron Beach Resort

Friday, 27 April 2012

Splendour in The Grass – Returns to Byron Bay

 ‘Splendour in the Grass’ returns to Byron Bay & its old home ground the Belongil Fields in July 2012 event!
That’s right from Friday 27th through to Sunday 29th, July the Belongil Fields will again play host to the “Splendour in the Grass” music festival! Guaranteed as one of the best winter music festivals in the world now back to where it all started.
As the premier winter music and arts festival of Australia has for the past two years been hold away from Byron Bay, at Woodfordia, Queensland. However, returning to their senses the organisers have returned the venue to its rightful location - Byron Bay, NSW.
Returning “Splendour” to its birthplace place wasn’t easy, but now it’s been fully approved we’re all very excited at the prospect of returning to Byron Bay. So, who will be joining us to rejoice the return of the Splendour in the Grass to Byron Bay? The excitement not only while at the festival is also widely enjoyed across all parts of Byron and Byron Beach Resort is ideally situation being a 10 minutes’ walk from the festival grounds!
Even the mayor, Jan Barham, has welcomed “Splendour” back to Australia’s number one outdoor music festival locations in Byron Bay.
Byron Beach Resort has already taken a number of bookings for our packages being offered during Splendour, and just today the demand crashed our website, so do NOT wait one more minute. Byron beach Resort in Byron Bay is one of the best destinations in Byron to enjoy both Byron and any one of the many festivals that take place, of course including Splendour in the Grass. Lush gardens, laid back culture and great staff make us a natural choice for those wishing to enjoy 100% Real Byron, including you backpackers.
So, don’t miss Splendour In The Grass 2012 festival. Book your Byron Bay accommodation with the Byron Beach Resort at the earliest and enjoy your stay at Byron Bay. 

Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Byron Bay Blues Festival Rocks Byron

The 2013 Byron Blues Fest will again take again from Tuesday 28th March to Monday 1st April 2013, during Easter 2013! Again this amazing festival is set to be one of the most do festivals of 2013!

Byron Beach Resort has decided to begin a countdown for “Byron Blues Festival 2013”!!!
The Byron Bay Blues Festival or Bluesfest as its commonly known is an annual music festival featuring the best blues, rock and modern music performers from Australia and aroundthe world held over the Easter long weekend at Byron Bay, NSW, Australia.

The Bluesfest conbines music by new, breakthrough artists, you have not have heard of nor experienced before as well as alternative Country, Rock and modern Music & DJs.

What makes this event more astonishing is the site and infrastructure of the festival, and open air festival ensure an amazing vibe. The spirit and the Byron Bay vibe gives everyone in attendance, be it the fans, bands or even the volunteers, a feeling of sheer happiness and excitement. 2012 Bluesfest was huge and anticipation of the 2013 Bluesfest is already building.

The Festival also promotes new and undiscovered talent along with the well established artists such as Cold Chisel to name just one. Bluesfest 2012 proved a superb music festival, and was one of the best festivals in Australia for music lovers. Bluesfest 2012 brought them a gift of blues, jazz, pop, indigenous and traditional tunes from around the globe.

Michael Franti, an American poet, musician, and composer as well as the creator and lead vocalist of Michael Franti & Spearhead says about Bluesfest 2012 as “The festival and it's newly planned "one day events" are truly something that not only to the Byron Shire, but the entire nation of Australia can be proud of preserving for generations to come.”

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Early Bird Offer for Byron Bay Film Festival 2013

Here is a platform, where young Australian filmmakers get the opportunity to make their mark.
This is the film festival that recognizes and awards the skills of young Australian filmmakers by featuring the ‘Best Young Australian Filmmaker’ award. This award for the young blood of the Australian film makers is open to Australian Directors and Producers under 25. This year the Byron Bay film festival has reduced entry fees to encourage more young Australian filmmakers to enter.
The festival showcases remarkable works of talented younger flim makers and allows them to showcase their art to an intellectual audience and some well regarded Judges.
This film event saw name change in 2008. It is, now, recognized as the ‘Byron Bay International Film Festival’. Over thousand people enjoy the event that is usually held during the late Australian Summer at Byron Bay.
It was 2006, when the festival was organized initially, screening 55 Australian films.
The 6th Byron Bay International Film Festival was held this year during March 2nd and March 11th, hosting more than 200 films, free sunset cinema along with loads of workshops.
This year, one thousand plus viewers enjoyed the free screening of such films as ‘Kobe & The sea’, a short films by Johnny Abegg and ‘Minds In The Water’ by Dave Rastovich, under a full moon at the sunset cinema located on the grass of main beach. A highlight of the festival was the appearance world renowned muscian Jack Johnson who hit the main stage and commenced to belt out some of his greatest hits to the crowd!
If you have missed 6th Byron Bay International Film Festival, the 7th Byron Bay International Film Festival is on your way which is to be held from March 1st, 2013 to March 10th, 2013. Entries for this coming festival are open at the specially reduced early bird rates.
So, be the early bird to fetch the tickets of Byron Bay International Film Festival 2013!!!

Moreover, check out for your Byron Beach Resort for a range of affodable Byron Bay accommodation for 2013 Film Festival.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Enjoy Schoolies Week At Byron Bay Beaches

Schoolies week in Byron Bay is a much better alternative than the Gold Coast! So while the majority of year 12 students from around Australia descend on the Gold Coast during schoolies, the smart ones head to Byron Bay. So at the end of exams start your schoolies celebration in the best place to give you lifelong memories!
Why Byron Bay? Enjoy a cheaper, more relaxed and safer environment than most other schoolies hang outs for your schoolies week.
Byron Bay is one a popular destination for schoolies week as Byron Bay is a great place to chill and celebrate the end of your high school year. Activities aside from the our amazing beaches include a great night life, surfing, kayaking & even for the new age schoolies perhaps some Yoga in Byron Bay! Byron Bay is an amazing place for schoolies.
The villages and local region makes Byron a natural choice. The entertainment venues, pubs & nightclubs will mean your night life experience extends throughout the night and into the day with so many additional options. All these features, facilities and experiences for a great Schoolies week are on offer in Byron Bay.
However, schoolies week is not just for beer, drinking and being drunk. As the Byron Bay Mayor, Jan Barham last year stated that those school leavers looking to come to Byron Bay are welcome, however they are advised to respect to the local environment and community and the Police will always be on hand to ensure there is are problems during schoolies period at Byron Bay.
So chill out and enjoy all that Byron Bay has to offer during Schoolies. Appreciate this time with friends as enjoy Schoolies in Byron Bay. A safe environment with numerous water based activities, art activities, entertainment options great food, friendly locals and much more. Byron Beach Resort is taking limited bookings from Schoolies during this period, however beds will book fast, so get in quick.
Book your bed or room today with us at Byron Beach Resort and spend a great schoolies week in Byron Bay. 

Byron Bay Writers’ Festival: A Literary Event At Byron Beach

If you are a writer or a literature lover, an intellectual writing event at Australia’s favourite beachside village, Byron Bay, is again set to be the premier writing event.
Byron Bay Writers Festival is one of the renowned literary events in Australia. This event is recognized as one of Australia’s most significant and the successful writers’ festival.
Thousands of Australian and worldwide literature lovers join around a hundred guest writers at this annual event organized for writers of all kinds who descend on Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia.
The festival was first conducted in 1997 and has grown to include interviews with many distinguished writers from Australia and around the world. This three day festival includes readings, lectures, panel discussions and book launches by respected writers and enjoyed by literature lovers from Australia and Asia.
Writers gather and share their stories, lives and love for writing through workshops, lectures, readings and launches. The writers festival is known for its intelligent and robust discussions and passionate interactions. The festival, which is organized by the Northern Rivers Writers Association is also regarded as a fun festival, particularly because of its staging in Byron Bay.
This year, the Byron Bay Writers Festival is scheduled to held from August 3 through to August 5, 2012. Those looking to take part or enjoy this significant literary event, writers festival should not miss out. However, don’t wait until the last minute to book your Byron Bay accommodation as like any event in Byron Bay it is very popular. Festival organiser believe that this year Byron Bay writers festival will break all the attendance records of past events. Considering that last year alone more than 45,000 tickets were sold you can image that Byron Bay accommodation will quickly book out.
So get in quick and take advantage of the range of accommodations you can book with Byron Beach Resort. Byron Beach Resort is an affordable Byron Bay beach side location. Check availability at the Byron Beach Resort where you can make secure online bookings.
Byron Beach Resort is the only resort with direct beach access, located opposite the beach.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The best Whale Watching Experience takes place in Byron Bay

If you want to experience the joy of whale watching, do not miss the chance to experience it this year, in beautiful Byron Bay.
Byron Bay, the most easterly point of Australia each winter becomes the home to many of these beautiful creatures. Byron Bay is long considered the best place to experience the whale watching in Australia. The claim water of Byron Bay play home to Humpback whales through the months of June through to October.
Those wishing to get up close and personal with these the majestic sea creatures can do so in pleasure cruises or even by enjoying the surreal opportunity to kayak out into the bay where 20 meter long humpbacks whales’ play in the warm waters each year. June is when humpback whales start their annual migration from their feeding grounds in Antarctica to their breeding ground and the warmer waters of the Great Barrier Reef.
Returning from the Great Barrier Reef on their migration back down the east coast of Australia many of the mothers and calves stop off in Byron Bay where they frequently rest and to the joy of spectators play in waters surrounding Julian Rocks.
This gives you and your family the best opportunity to enjoy a great opportunity to watch whales as they shelter in the crystal clear warm waters of beautiful Byron Bay.

This year Byron Beach Resort will offer various whale watching packages, especially designed to enjoy these beautiful creatures in their natural environment, at an affordable price. Byron Beach Resort will offer a number of packages for backpackers, singles, couples and families. So be quick as this chance to experience one of the world’s most amazing creatures has already proved popular, so book your affordable Byron Bay holiday with us.

Byron Bay operators of Whale Watching tours strictly operators with strict environmental laws that ensure minimal impact to environment and natural waters that the whales enjoy. Therefore, you can be assured that any whale watching trip you take in Byron Bay will not cause any kind of harm to the migrating whales or their calves.
Enjoy watching world’s one of the most amazing creatures in the biggest whale watching event just off the beautiful beaches of Byron Bay. The season starts around June, so you’ll be able to experience one of our packages during the School holidays. Additionally, you also be likely to enjoy the spectacle of Byron Bay’s very own dolphin pods, sea birds and all the sea life that calls the waters of Byron Bay home.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Gear Up To Witness Byron Bay Triathlon 2012!!!

You couldn’t have asked for better situations for the Byron Bay Triathlon 2011. Shining sun in light winds with little bit of swell! Congratulations to Jacque Hogan, the Event Organizer and Mick Smith, Director of the race for organizing a splendid race in 2011, with a perfect line up and a fast competition”- are the words of Joey Lampe, the winner of Byron Bay Triathlon 2011.
The Byron Bay Triathlon is traditionally the last race of the QLD/NSW triathlon calendar in Australia. This triathlon now has become the perfect tune up race before the Challenge Cairns triathlon.
Byron Bay triathlon organisers go to great lengths to ensure the tradition of the event, which is one of the only Olympic distance events in Australia. The Triathlon is steeped in the history and continues to grow in its name and status with each year. Trialthlon competitors often refer to this event as one of the best events and experiences on the trialthon clander.
Jacqueline Hogan is the new organizer of this event who has been in charge for a few years. Since Jacqueline took the charge the trialthon race it continues to go from strength to strength witnessing particpant increases and overal satisfaction of the organisation of the event. However, this years Byron Bay triathlon will see some changes as follows;

The Bike Race

This year the bike race has reduced to 36 kilometres due to unsafe roads on account of the recent harsh weather along Australia East Coast.

The swim Race

The swim section of the event will be undertaken in a U shaped course. This should make it as gruelling as previous years, but more organized and better for triathlon spectators.

The Expo

The expo, which was set up in an old transition area, also doubles as great viewing platform for hundreds of passionate spectators.

This year Byron Bay Triathlon & Multisport Festival is scheduled on Saturday, 12th May and Sunday, 13th May.

So, be the part of such a magnificent and excited beach event. Getting to Byron Bay is quite easy as there are airports close to Byron Bay. It is serviced by the Ballina Airport, which is just a 30 minute drive at south. Also, the Gold Coast Airport is just a 45 minute drive at north. Local shuttle buses are available to move you from these airports close to Byron Bay. Byron Beach Resort also has avaialble various accommodation options and is a short walk along the beautiful Byron Bay beaches to the course. 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

History of Byron Bay

Byron Bay was carved out by a volcanic eruption that started 20 million years ago. Its lava flow spread over more than 5000 square Km in all directions, and about 100 Km out to sea, establishing todays the largest shield volcanic caldera in the Southern Hemisphere.
In 1770, Byron Bay was founded by Captain James Cook. He named it after Royal Navy officer John Byron. It was called ‘Cavanbah’ by the Bunjalong people and it was the common territory of the northern and southern tribes, the Minjangbal and the Arakwal. In 1894, Cavanbah was renamed as Byron Bay. In 1894 only the Jetty was opened at Byron Bay. In the same year railway route was opened between Lismore and Murwillumbah.
In the first decade of 20th Century various musical, sporting, surfing and arts groups started to make Byron Bay their home. This was the start of the laid back, somewhat hippy, lifestyle that has endured until today. The most famous landmark of Byron Bay the light house was built in 1901.
In 1960s Longboard surfers arrived to Byron Bay. They marveled at the natural breaks of The Pass, Wategos, and Cosy Corner. Thus Byron Bay started to become a tourist destination for locals looking to enjoy the beautiful Byron Bay beaches and its atmosphere. I n 1973 Aquarius Festival was held in Nimbin New South Wales, Australia, and too this day Nimbin is the most hippy commune in Australia.
Byron Bay has many popular beaches suitable for and popular for surfing, whale watching, and fishing. Byron Bay is now a popular destination for Schoolies Week. It is also famous for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling.

Events in Byron Bay

Byron Bay is one of Australia’s premier festival and event destinations. Byron Bay is famous for its yoga retreats, music festivals such as the Byron Blues fest Music Festival held during Easter, Byron Bay writer’s festival, Byron Bay film festival, Byron Bay light house run, Byron Bay Surf Festivals. The Old and Gold festival is organized in the month of June and Byron Bay Triathlon is held on second Saturday of May every year. Nearly all events held in Byron Bay result in the town completely booking out of accommodation, so making early bookings are required if you wish to enjoy one of the many events that take place in Byron Bay.

Markets in Byron Bay

Byron Bay is additionally famous for its many markets. Byron Bay is home to a farmer’s market held every Thursday. The Craft’ market is held on First Sunday of every month at the Butler Street Reserve, Byron Bay and the Railway Park artisan market is held on every Saturday evening. Local art and craft is showcased in this artisan’s market.
Byron Bay is a center of attraction for travelers of all ages, all backgrounds from Australia and all corners of the globe. Byron Beach Resort is an iconic location of Bryon Bay directly opposite beautiful Belongil Beach, perfect place for you to enjoy all of the amazing events and activities that Byron Bay offers.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Beaches in Byron Bay Australia

Byron Bay is located in the northern rivers region of New South Wales, Australia. It is a beachside village only 750 Km to the North of Sydney and 165 Km South of Brisbane. Byron Bay has many beaches that are popular for surfing and swimming. The Byron Bay region is also a popular destination for hiking & bush walking and exploring the array of wildlife. During the winter months Byron Bay is one of the best places in Australia to experience the best whale watching. It is favorite place for international backpackers as well as domestic tourists keen to explore Australia’s east coast. Sky diving is also a popular activity to take part in and allows you the best view of the spectacular coastline and hinterland. Byron Bay is also a popular destination for scuba diving and snorkeling as it’s the home to crystal clear waters perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling. Byron Bay is surrounded by World Heritage rainforests and national parks, so the scenery only gets better as you head out of the town.

Stunning Beaches

There are many Below is a list of few beaches. You can relax on these beaches and spend your holidays at Byron Bay. These are the most romantic beaches for honeymooners. The sand over hear is very fine and amongst the best in the world.

Main Beach

It is the main and most popular beach in Byron Bay for surfing. In the summer, you will be able to find the famous Sandman, sculpting gothic castles and weird creatures of sand and water. 

Belongil Beach

It is partly a dog friendly beach. It stretches towards Brunswick Heads from Byron Bay. It is next to Main Beach and is the home of the Byron Beach Resort, only a Frisbee throw from the Belongil Beach.

Clarkes Beach

It lies between the Main Beach and the Pass. This place is ideal for windsurfing and also where you will find local Byron bay surfers catching some waves.

The Pass

It is the most popular surf break on the north coast. It is a place between the Fisherman's Lookout and the headland. Fisherman’s Lookout is a wooden platform from where you can check out the surf as well as the fish.

Tallow Beach

It is the place where beach and bush come together on the edge of National Park. It stretches between south from Cosy Corner to Broken Head. It is good for beach fishing and is dog friendly.
Above are the main beaches in Byron Bay like Little Wategos Beach, Brays Beach, Tyagarah Beach, Cabarita Beach, South Golden Beach, Whites Beach, and Ocean Shores. These are as idyllic as their name suggest. Do not forget to visit them.
Plan your potential holidays and book your accommodation in advance with Byron Beach Resort and know about the places in advance. We also have beautiful and family cottages.