Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Gaze The Art At Ocean Shores Art Expo

"When we become adults we quite easily get busy in our routine life and forget about the creativity, play and inner reflection. Cultures having art and craft as part of everyday life tend to be more balanced. Making young people realize the importance of health, happiness and innovation in any field, they are more inclined to carry this into adult life" - are the thoughts of Ric Fraser, President of Ocean Shores Art Expo.

The Ocean Shores Art Expo is one of the best in the Northern Rivers, region of New South Wales. The event is generally well regarded and often visitsed by tourists and locals from Byron Bay. The idea of the event is to buil a community event through art and allow people to gathe and celebrate special art in this special environment all while sharing the creative spirit of the region.

The expo enjoys participation of a number of locla and national artists and is the largest creative gathering in Ocean Shores, ok that not that hard, but special alone. The Art Event is ejoyed by a horde of art lovers, artists, would-be artists, art purchasers, students of art, school students and backpackers from nearby Byron Bay.
The art expo will be held during from the 24th through to the 26th August, 2012 and this will be 9th annual Ocean Shores Art Expo.
This is what I love’ is the theme of 2012 art event and 1000’s of people are anticipated to step up and enjoy this event. Given that last year, over 1000 people enjoyed the festival and the evolving sense of community that such festivals created.
Ocean Shores Art Expo invites travellers and locals alike to get out and take a look of creative festival while being spellbound by arts of work at this exciting and ever-expanding community event.

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  1. The Ocean Shores Art Expo is one of the best in the Northern Rivers, region of New South Wales