Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Enjoy Schoolies Week At Byron Bay Beaches

Schoolies week in Byron Bay is a much better alternative than the Gold Coast! So while the majority of year 12 students from around Australia descend on the Gold Coast during schoolies, the smart ones head to Byron Bay. So at the end of exams start your schoolies celebration in the best place to give you lifelong memories!
Why Byron Bay? Enjoy a cheaper, more relaxed and safer environment than most other schoolies hang outs for your schoolies week.
Byron Bay is one a popular destination for schoolies week as Byron Bay is a great place to chill and celebrate the end of your high school year. Activities aside from the our amazing beaches include a great night life, surfing, kayaking & even for the new age schoolies perhaps some Yoga in Byron Bay! Byron Bay is an amazing place for schoolies.
The villages and local region makes Byron a natural choice. The entertainment venues, pubs & nightclubs will mean your night life experience extends throughout the night and into the day with so many additional options. All these features, facilities and experiences for a great Schoolies week are on offer in Byron Bay.
However, schoolies week is not just for beer, drinking and being drunk. As the Byron Bay Mayor, Jan Barham last year stated that those school leavers looking to come to Byron Bay are welcome, however they are advised to respect to the local environment and community and the Police will always be on hand to ensure there is are problems during schoolies period at Byron Bay.
So chill out and enjoy all that Byron Bay has to offer during Schoolies. Appreciate this time with friends as enjoy Schoolies in Byron Bay. A safe environment with numerous water based activities, art activities, entertainment options great food, friendly locals and much more. Byron Beach Resort is taking limited bookings from Schoolies during this period, however beds will book fast, so get in quick.
Book your bed or room today with us at Byron Beach Resort and spend a great schoolies week in Byron Bay. 


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