Sunday, 22 April 2012

The best Whale Watching Experience takes place in Byron Bay

If you want to experience the joy of whale watching, do not miss the chance to experience it this year, in beautiful Byron Bay.
Byron Bay, the most easterly point of Australia each winter becomes the home to many of these beautiful creatures. Byron Bay is long considered the best place to experience the whale watching in Australia. The claim water of Byron Bay play home to Humpback whales through the months of June through to October.
Those wishing to get up close and personal with these the majestic sea creatures can do so in pleasure cruises or even by enjoying the surreal opportunity to kayak out into the bay where 20 meter long humpbacks whales’ play in the warm waters each year. June is when humpback whales start their annual migration from their feeding grounds in Antarctica to their breeding ground and the warmer waters of the Great Barrier Reef.
Returning from the Great Barrier Reef on their migration back down the east coast of Australia many of the mothers and calves stop off in Byron Bay where they frequently rest and to the joy of spectators play in waters surrounding Julian Rocks.
This gives you and your family the best opportunity to enjoy a great opportunity to watch whales as they shelter in the crystal clear warm waters of beautiful Byron Bay.

This year Byron Beach Resort will offer various whale watching packages, especially designed to enjoy these beautiful creatures in their natural environment, at an affordable price. Byron Beach Resort will offer a number of packages for backpackers, singles, couples and families. So be quick as this chance to experience one of the world’s most amazing creatures has already proved popular, so book your affordable Byron Bay holiday with us.

Byron Bay operators of Whale Watching tours strictly operators with strict environmental laws that ensure minimal impact to environment and natural waters that the whales enjoy. Therefore, you can be assured that any whale watching trip you take in Byron Bay will not cause any kind of harm to the migrating whales or their calves.
Enjoy watching world’s one of the most amazing creatures in the biggest whale watching event just off the beautiful beaches of Byron Bay. The season starts around June, so you’ll be able to experience one of our packages during the School holidays. Additionally, you also be likely to enjoy the spectacle of Byron Bay’s very own dolphin pods, sea birds and all the sea life that calls the waters of Byron Bay home.


  1. Really whale watching in Byron Beach Resort is really a great experience. thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello James, I am agree with you. My experience of whale watching in Byron Beach Resort was really amazing. Great place for the holidays and vacations!!!

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